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The first thought that comes to mind when I think of both Ella Fitzgerald and Carol Burnett is, “It doesn’t get any better.” These were two women who were at the absolute top of their fields of entertainment. If I want to swing and listen to music that I know will make me happy and […]

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This past weekend, the Screen Actor’s Guild honored Carol Burnett with their Lifetime Achievement Award. The SAG Lifetime Achievement Award seems to me to be one of the more meaningful of the myriad prizes that Hollywood enjoys giving themselves. A quick perusal of the past 50+ years of winners boasts some of the best and […]

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I was thrilled to find this clip on YouTube yesterday because I was a huge fan of “The Carol Burnett Show” as a kid and, not surprisingly, Tim Conway was my absolute favorite. It seemed as though all of America loved to watch him torture Harvey Korman and get him “to break” character and laugh […]

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The other night my daughter and I sat down to watch Disney’s animated feature film version of that oft-told tale “Robin Hood.” I always thought the film had come out in 1975 because I seemed to remember it was the last Disney film my dad and I saw together at the theater and he died […]

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I’ve been writing about my favorite funny men and thus far have not mentioned a single woman. When we think of great funny woman in America, everyone always thinks about Lucille Ball. Everyone loves Lucy. Everyone, that is, except me. Oh, Lucy was funny enough but to me she was always a one-trick pony. She […]

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I always wished I had been born sooner than I was. I loved the culture, the music, the movies of my parent’s generation. They were part of what is now called “The Greatest Generation.” And while I agree, in many ways, that they were a great generation, I’m not crazy about how or why that […]

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