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Happy Birthday to one of the most talented men in the history of American entertainment! I love Carl Reiner for numerous reasons and projects that he has given the world. Nevertheless, he could have invented the light bulb and I still wouldn’t have been as grateful for that daily necessity as I am for his […]

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This is a really tough one. I think Garry Marshall was one of the most talented comedy minds of the last 50 years. In addition to his talents as a writer, producer and actor, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, I’ve ever read about him points to the fact that he was an even better human […]

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I was very sorry to learn last night of the passing of Ann Morgan Guilbert, the wonderful character actress and comedienne. There are a number of tributes and remembrances of her online for her roleĀ  as Yetta on the 1990s sitcom, “The Nanny.” As I was not a huge fan of that particular show, it […]

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Or is it vice versa? Whichever it is, I love them both. I am a HUGE fan of “The Dick Van Dyke Show.” It is in my Top 5 favorite TV shows of all-time along with “The Andy Griffith Show,” “Barney Miller,” “The Rockford Files” and the five spot which is left open for whatever […]

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I was just reading Ken Levine’s blog and he had written a post about a recent trip he was forced to make to the DMV, as in Department of Motor Vehicles. At the end of the story, he posted this hilarious clip from the old sitcom “Taxi” (1978-1983). As I watched it, I thought to […]

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There are (or were), of course, many other very funny women in show biz besides Carol Burnett. Most of them, however, came onto the scene in the sixties and afterwards because, quite honestly, comedy in clubs during the 1920’s – 1950’s, was more open to men than it was to women. It seems as though […]

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Never in the history of American comedy has there been a more impressive and successful collection of comic minds as there was in the 1950s in the writer’s room of SID CAESAR’s various variety shows. To be fair, it actually started in 1949 with the show, “The Admiral Broadway Revue.” In 1950 it became “Your […]

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My friend, Sal Viscuso, was kind enough to send me a copy of Carl Reiner’s new book entitled, “I Remember Me.” It seems, however, as I read the book, that Mr. Reiner doesn’t remember too precisely . . . at least not when it comes to time. First of all, before I get into the […]

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Here’s a wonderful clip I just stumbled upon from an old Smothers Brothers show. I’ve always liked Tom and Dicky as they are true giants of comedy. The way you can tell that is the fact that they remained funny for more than half a century! Listen to their old albums and you’ll discover that […]

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Just finished watching the last episode of “30 Rock” and like last week’s penultimate episode, it was wonderfully written and true to the spirit of the entire seven year run of the show. In addition, it was actually funny which can be pretty difficult to pull off in a series finale. In honor of the […]

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