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This has been an awful year for character actors. Since February, we’ve lost George Kennedy, Doris Roberts, William Schallert, Ann Morgan Guilbert, David Huddleston, Jack Riley, and now, Marvin Kaplan. And that’s just a partial list!! It’s no secret that I love the character actors and actresses that have filled the big and small screens […]

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There are three big Hollywood birthday on the calendar today and since two of the people are particular favorites of mine, I thought it merited a post. Roddy McDowall was not only a popular child star (Lassie Come Home, How Green Was My Valley, The Pied Piper) but he went on to a career as […]

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So many people have been asking me if I saw the Sinatra documentary on HBO that I finally decided to post this piece which I had actually started to write last weekend after seeing the documentary. In retrospect, let me say this: the documentary is certainly good for what it is. If your knowledge of […]

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Our good friend Sal Viscuso is in this week’s season premiere of the hit ABC drama “Scandal.” He plays a lawyer named Clark Garrett, which I find infinitely amusing, and proof positive of what a fine actor he is. Sal is most definitely a Sal, maybe a Tony, he could even pull off a Vinnie […]

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Our good friend Sal Viscuso is currently starring alongside Thomas Vincent Kelly in “A Steady Rain” at the Odyssey Theater in Los Angeles. The play, written by Keith Huff and directed by Jeff Perry (Cyrus on ABC’s Scandal) has been receiving rave reviews and I do mean RAVE! One of the reviews described Viscuso by […]

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In just less than three hours, my pal Sal Viscuso will be seen in this week’s episode of “The Mentalist” on CBS. He plays a character named Walter playing chess in the park in the opening scene of the show. Sal spent a few memorable years with regular gigs on “Soap” and “M*A*S*H.” He also […]

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Forty years ago today, baseball lost one of its greatest players and one of its greatest men. Roberto Clemente was my first baseball hero. I was just one week away from my ninth birthday when his plane went down on December 31, 1972. In the 40 years since that fateful day, he has continued to […]

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  If I haven’t mentioned it yet on this new site, trust me when I tell you that in time, you’ll know that one of my all time favorite TV shows is Barney Miller. I will, no doubt, mention it over and over and over again. Happily, the entire show is now available on DVD […]

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I had the distinct pleasure yesterday of speaking with Candice “Candy” Azzara. Ms. Azzara is a delightfully talented actress who has appeared is some of my favorite movies and TV shows over the years. Born and raised in Brooklyn in a decidedly colorful Italian American family, she is as charming to speak to as she […]

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People who remember my old blog, may remember that I am a HUGE Sid Caesar fan. To whatever extent he’s hailed as a comedic genius, it’s not enough. He’s THAT brilliant. I just got a call from a friend alerting me to an article on the “L.A. Times” web page about a group of Hollywood […]

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