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In honor of Harry Belafonte’s 90th birthday, we celebrate the great entertainer and political activist with a favorite song of mine and Dr. Tim’s!! Harry Belafonte was born in Harlem, New York City in 1927 but spent about eight years of his childhood in Jamaica. Here’s another catchy tune I’ve always liked. This features Harry […]

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Julius La Rosa is not well-remembered these days and that’s a shame because he was one of the greatest of all the vocal interpreters of The Great American Songbook. Not only that but he was also one of the most knowledgeable vocalists when it came to the history, backgrounds and accomplishments of the great songwriters […]

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I could have featured Nat King Cole last week for Musical Friday but went with the Crosby golf theme instead. Nevertheless, I want to get a tribute in for NKC before the month of February is out. It was 50 years ago this month, February 15, 1965, that Nat King Cole died at the age […]

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Tomorrow is my annual Sunday Music Festa Christmas Show on Jazz 90.1 WGMC Radio. At least, I hope there’ll be a Christmas show tomorrow. The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for our area which usually wouldn’t scare me except this winter storm isn’t calling for snow, it’s calling for ice. That […]

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Tis the season for watching old Christmas movies, listening to old Christmas music and watching old TV Christmas specials. You’ll notice the emphasis on “old” in all those categories. For me, personally, that’s not an unusual activity; I watch old movies and TV shows all year long. As far as music goes, Sam Cooke is […]

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This afternoon from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. EST, I will have a rare weekday shift on the air at Jazz 90.1 FM in Rochester, New York. Rarer still is the fact that my station manager, the inimitable Rob Linton, has told me I can treat the shift as though it were one of my “Sunday […]

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We’ve spent a couple of weeks discussing some of my favorite funny people – men and women. There are more but after watching yesterday’s post of “The Merv Griffin Show” with Buddy Rich and Mel Torme, among others, I thought this might be a good time to cover some of my favorite musical artists throughout […]

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Like most burgs across the USA, we have a station that is playing nothing but Christmas music this month. Of course, not all of the songs they feature would qualify as “Christmas music” in my opinion but that’s OK. However, what’s NOT okay is a couple of the songs featuring some of America’s greatest entertainers […]

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