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In honor of Harry Belafonte’s 90th birthday, we celebrate the great entertainer and political activist with a favorite song of mine and Dr. Tim’s!! Harry Belafonte was born in Harlem, New York City in 1927 but spent about eight years of his childhood in Jamaica. Here’s another catchy tune I’ve always liked. This features Harry […]

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In honor of April Fools Day I thought we’d post a few examples of work from the legendary vaudevillian Ed Wynn who was billed as “The Perfect Fool.” When you see some of the work and material that made him a “popular” comedian, you might think it was the audience who were the fools. Here’s […]

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Last week it was Frank Sinatra and Rod McKuen. This week, in the hopes of starting a tradition of “musical Fridays,” I’m posting some musically fun Julie Andrews spots. I saw something on Facebook recently about “posting something that your friends might not know about you.” Well, my friends know that when it comes to […]

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I was very, very sad to learn of James Garner’s passing yesterday. If you read over this site, you’ll see there are many actors, singers and comedians who I’ve loved and admired over the years. None more than James Garner. Some equally as much but certainly none more. My good friend, actor Sal Viscuso, and […]

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I am an unabashed Carol Burnett fan. A week or two ago, I wrote on this very site how lucky I felt to be able to grow up watching “The Carol Burnett Show” every Saturday Night at 10 o’clock. A few days ago, I picked up Ms. Burnett’s book This Time Together and started reading […]

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I never quite know how or why I end up watching certain things on YouTube. Yesterday, I ended up watching quite a few of the old Kennedy Center Honors. Here’s two of the honorees from two separate years who both introduce each other’s background segments because of their long friendship and sincere admiration for one […]

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I’ve been writing about my favorite funny men and thus far have not mentioned a single woman. When we think of great funny woman in America, everyone always thinks about Lucille Ball. Everyone loves Lucy. Everyone, that is, except me. Oh, Lucy was funny enough but to me she was always a one-trick pony. She […]

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Why am I still awake at 1:07 in the morning? Well, for the last 30 minutes or so I’ve been watching videos of a young woman named Christina Bianco. If you’ve read most of the posts on this site, you may pick up on the idea that I think all the great entertainment talents are, […]

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OK, I’ve got my computer back with a brand new hard drive . . . or so they tell me. It works better but I’ve still had a moment or two where processing seems delayed or gets frozen. Hopefully, the computer’s just tired because it’s so damn hot outside! When the hot, summer weather cranks […]

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I was sorry to hear this morning about the passing of Alex Karras, ex-NFL football player and long-time Hollywood character actor. I enjoyed much of Karras’ film work but he’ll always be remembered best as the lovable bad guy turned good guy, Mongo, from Mel Brooks 1973 classic, “Blazing Saddles.” I was particularly sad to […]

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