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I have no idea why I’m up at 12:45 am but I’ve had some trouble sleeping lately so I was searching around on YouTube and came up with this gem from The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson from 1986. I’ve written on this site about Johnny Carson more than once and how much I loved […]

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For Baby-Boomers and their parents, all you needed to say was “The Great One” and they instantly knew you were talking about Jackie Gleason. Physically, comedically and even mythically, he was larger than life. He’s best remembered now as Ralph Kramden, the hapless dreamer/bus driver from Brooklyn, New York, who, along with his loyal wife […]

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Happy Birthday to First Lady Michelle Obama. Unfortunately I don’t know, nor have I ever met, the First lady but she has certainly impressed me over the past six years with her charm, intelligence and class. Her husband has disappointed me by not being the progressive beacon so many of us had hoped he’d be […]

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Here’s a wonderful clip from the movie “Orchestra Wives.” As I recall, it’s a surprisingly honest and realistic portrayal of the challenges of musician’s personal lives for a film made in the early 194os. It stars the Glenn Miller Orchestra – almost. In this clip you will see Cesar Romero at the piano and a […]

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