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Bing Crosby was born on this date in 1903. I have hosted a radio show called “Sinatra & Company” for many years and it still amuses me how the Sinatra fans refuse to show the same love for Bing that Sinatra did. And the tired excuse of his personal life and conduct doesn’t work when […]

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Just like manna from heaven came “Pennies from Heaven” on TCM this morning in celebration of Bing Crosby’s birthday. I’m a big Bing fan and have seen about 44 of the roughly 60 theatrical features that Bing made. Prior to today, I had never seen “Pennies from Heaven.” “Pennies from Heaven” is an important film […]

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Joe Venuti’s mother once posed the question about her son, “How could anyone act like a devil and play like an angel?” It was a paradox that would test all got close to Venuti throughout his life. Mike Peters, musician and historian, wrote in the liner notes of the Mosaic Records’,┬áThe Classic Columbia and Okeh […]

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It is approximately 8:00 p.m. on Broadway in the bustling metropolis of New York City. The year is 1926 . . . or is it 1946? No one knows for sure. As theater patrons hustle to their evening’s entertainment, dozens of men dressed in tuxedos, carrying instrument caes larger than themselves, begin to assemble on […]

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