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For years I have told my kids, “Don’t bother doing something unless you’re going to do it right.” Which is my way of saying, “Don’t do something half-assed.” Now, as kids, they may not yet understand why I feel so strongly about that idea. I mean, what difference does it make how you mow the […]

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Oh my gosh, I almost let Sammy’s Centennial slip by me and that would have been a travesty. Sammy Cahn was more than one of the greatest lyricists of the Great American Songbook era, he was also a great showman. His contributions, his humor, his talent and his legacy cannot be overstated. If you don’t […]

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In our last “Oscar Songs” post before my special SUNDAY MUSIC FESTA OSCAR SONGS special at 12 Noon, Sunday february 24th on Jazz 90.1 in Rochester, NY or streaming live HERE, I thought we’d touch upon those songs that actually won the big prize on Oscar night and went on to become standards in the […]

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Oscar winning songs often become standards of the American songbook – “Over the Rainbow,” “White Christmas” and “Moon River” are just a few examples. Then again, some of the best songs ever to come out of the movies have been the Academy Award losers! Today, we look at four of the nominated songs of 1937. […]

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Here’s a great one from 1943 from a movie called “The Sky’s the Limit.” The song is “My Shining Hour” and like so many Oscar nominated songs that became standards of the American Songbook, this one was introduced by Fred Astaire. The lovely lady to whom he sings this little gem is Joan Leslie. She […]

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Last night I watched the Kennedy Center Honors on CBS. This event used to be “must-see TV” for me when I was younger. I think I heard or saw somewhere that last night’s telecast was the 35th annual show which mean I was about 13 years old when they started.  According to the Kennedy Center […]

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I’ve been trying to finally get caught up on decorating, shopping  and gift wrapping in the past few days. I also went and got my daughter and brought her home after completing her first semester of college. That was a very big gift for me. Now that she’s home we can start watching all the […]

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Today is actress Carol Lawrence’s 80th birthday. We wish her a happy birthday and many years of good health and happiness ahead. What follows is a profile I wrote about her for the July 2011 edition of Fra Noi magazine.  I recently purchased a few seasons of “Murder, She Wrote” on DVD starring Angela […]

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