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I have no idea why I’m up at 12:45 am but I’ve had some trouble sleeping lately so I was searching around on YouTube and came up with this gem from The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson from 1986. I’ve written on this site about Johnny Carson more than once and how much I loved […]

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We continue to celebrate Don Rickles here as we count down the days to Mr. Warmth’s 90th Birthday! Here’s Rickles on “The Tonight Show” in 1976. Boy, was he hot on this night! And yes, the pilot they’re discussing was “CPO Sharkey.”  

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Don’t ask me how I stumbled upon this today but I’m so glad I did. This is truly classic TV from May of 1974. Don Rickles was 48 years old. This coming Sunday, Mother’s Day 2016, Don Rickles turns 90 years old. If you’ve been watching Don Rickles for 52 years like I have, this […]

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I watched Letterman last night and he had Kevin Spacey as his guest. Dave was enjoying himself because he obviously likes and respects Spacey. One of the things I’ve always loved about Letterman is that there are certain guests that come on Dave’s show that he couldn’t possibly care less about and when these people […]

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The great jazz trumpeter and flugelhorn player Clark Terry died this past Saturday, February 21, 2015. I featured a couple of his recordings on my show this past Sunday. I was fortunate to see Clark Terry perform once at the Eastman Theater in Rochester, New York. It was in his later years and he had […]

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Usually if I miss someone’s birthday by a day or two, that’s it. I let it pass as a missed opportunity. But Don Rickles isn’t just “someone.” I have loved Rickles since I was 10 or 11 years old. He’s been called “an insult comic” but it doesn’t really do him justice. Like the great […]

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Here’s a fabulous clip, apparently from 1977, of Debbie Reynolds on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. I’m assuming in 1977 because it sounds to me like she says “45” when she whispers her age to Johnny. The audio quality is bad but it’s worth watching for the physical comedy alone. Great, great stuff.

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