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I am part of the TV Generation, the group of kids who literally grew up on television. Radio as a narrative medium was over by the time I came around and video games were still in the future. TV was the center of our cultural universe. That said, most of my contemporaries were obsessed with […]

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Today is it, Mr. Warmth is 90 years old today! We’ve got a few great clips for you. Just one word of “set-up.” Listen to all the jokes because Johnny throws one at Rickles in, I think, the first clip from 1974 and then later in one of the clips from the 1980s, Rickles appropriates […]

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Our Don Rickles set for today comes from a 2009 appearance on “The Late Show with David Letterman.” They were an unlikely duo but the fact is, Letterman loved Don Rickles and the admiration seemed to be mutual. Letterman, as much as his early TV work was a type of deconstruction of the talk show model, actually […]

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We continue to celebrate Don Rickles here as we count down the days to Mr. Warmth’s 90th Birthday! Here’s Rickles on “The Tonight Show” in 1976. Boy, was he hot on this night! And yes, the pilot they’re discussing was “CPO Sharkey.”  

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Don’t ask me how I stumbled upon this today but I’m so glad I did. This is truly classic TV from May of 1974. Don Rickles was 48 years old. This coming Sunday, Mother’s Day 2016, Don Rickles turns 90 years old. If you’ve been watching Don Rickles for 52 years like I have, this […]

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I watched the One Night Only – An All Star Comedy Tribute to Don Rickles special on Spike TV last night and it was enjoyable not only because I worship the honoree of the evening but because I actually either enjoy, or at the very least find interesting, most of the performers who appeared to […]

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Usually if I miss someone’s birthday by a day or two, that’s it. I let it pass as a missed opportunity. But Don Rickles isn’t just “someone.” I have loved Rickles since I was 10 or 11 years old. He’s been called “an insult comic” but it doesn’t really do him justice. Like the great […]

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I thought I’d list some (just some, mind you) of my favorite stand up comedians over the years. Stand up comedy is a very distinctive branch of the comedy tree. Many a fool has watched a stand up comedian and thought, “Damn, I could do that.” If you’re sitting in the audience thinking, “I could […]

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DON RICKLES is one of those who’s comedic talents are either taken in fun as is his intention or are completely misunderstood. He does not engender indifference. When it comes to Rickles, people tend to love him or hate him. I love him. Always have, always will. Rickles ridiculed everyone in his act, including himself. […]

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This is one of my favorites. I’m pretty sure I posted this years ago on my old site. The clip is from November 1976. It relates to the Steve Allen post I put up earlier in the week in the sense that it’s another good example of the spontaneity that once existed  on TV, particularly […]

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