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Julius La Rosa is not well-remembered these days and that’s a shame because he was one of the greatest of all the vocal interpreters of The Great American Songbook. Not only that but he was also one of the most knowledgeable vocalists when it came to the history, backgrounds and accomplishments of the great songwriters […]

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Dinah Shore was a favorite of my mom. She was, no doubt, a favorite of more than a few dads in America as well. I know some were a little turned off by her sugary sweetness but, the truth is, that’s who she was! I’ve known two people who worked with Dinah Shore and knew¬†her […]

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As is so often the case, I have absolutely no idea why I sat down at the computer or what I was looking for on You Tube but by a sublimely divine accident, I somehow came upon this clip with Dinah, Bing, Phil Harris and Pat Boone. I’ve never seen this before unless I saw […]

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In 1989, George Burns wrote a book entitled “All My Best Friends.” It was a memoir of the many friendships and relationships he’d forged through nine decades in show business. He tells about the performers he knew in vaudeville and the various acts they did, he tells about the various performers he knew in radio […]

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Among the many positive things to be said for Bobby Darin, is that he always had great respect for his show biz elders.

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For many of you younger readers out there, you may recognize “The Merv Griffin Show” theme song from the “Seinfeld” episode where Kramer supposedly rescues Merv Griffin’s old set from a New York dumpster. For me, it’s a song I remember very well from my younger days. I was a talk show junkie. I watched […]

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