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In keeping with our celebration of Tony Bennett’s 90th birthday this week, I thought we’d kick off the weekend with Tony and some friends singing and swinging!! Here’s a great clip from a Dean Martin Show in the 1960s.   I have no idea who this young guy is introducing Tony Bennett and Billy Joel. Hah! Here’s one […]

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This coming Sunday, January 24, 2016, I will celebrate 16 years on the air at Jazz (0.1 in Rochester, New York as host of a program called “The Sunday Music Festa.” These days, it’s a weekly party celebrating all the great songwriters, lyricists, arrangers, musicians and vocalists who have made the music of the Great […]

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One William James Basie was born on this day in Red Bank, New Jersey, in the year 1904. He would go on to become one of the greatest, most influential and swinging-ist cats in the history of American Jazz and Swing music. As a young boy (six or seven years of age), I inherited a […]

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I’ve been ill for almost 2 weeks now – flu or virus or something. I’m getting better but the progress is frustratingly slow. I  mean sloooooooooooooowww. It’s so bad, it’s really starting to get me down. I wanted to post a Musical Friday selection today so the first song I found was “I Ain’t Got […]

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Okay, “Musical Friday” is never going to get much better than this. I have a love for Frank Sinatra and Count Basie both as separate artists. However, together as a team, my devotion to them makes me want to leap over the moon. I was trying to stockpile some “Sinatra & Company” shows this week […]

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For St. Patrick’s Day, I posted a series of entertaining “Pats” and finished with some Irish themed music. We shall do the same today for St. Joseph and my paesani. As baseball season is less than three weeks away and the following gentleman was one of the most important “Joes” in the history of the […]

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This afternoon from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. EST, I will have a rare weekday shift on the air at Jazz 90.1 FM in Rochester, New York. Rarer still is the fact that my station manager, the inimitable Rob Linton, has told me I can treat the shift as though it were one of my “Sunday […]

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I don’t usually post static videos of songs but I was just working on my computer and listening to my iTunes library when this song came up. I love Count Basie and I’ve always loved this recording. In fact, I have two other versions of the same song by Basie – all are great. Count […]