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This past weekend, the Screen Actor’s Guild honored Carol Burnett with their Lifetime Achievement Award. The SAG Lifetime Achievement Award seems to me to be one of the more meaningful of the myriad prizes that Hollywood enjoys giving themselves. A quick perusal of the past 50+ years of winners boasts some of the best and […]

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This coming Sunday, January 24, 2016, I will celebrate 16 years on the air at Jazz (0.1 in Rochester, New York as host of a program called “The Sunday Music Festa.” These days, it’s a weekly party celebrating all the great songwriters, lyricists, arrangers, musicians and vocalists who have made the music of the Great […]

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There are three big Hollywood birthday on the calendar today and since two of the people are particular favorites of mine, I thought it merited a post. Roddy McDowall was not only a popular child star (Lassie Come Home, How Green Was My Valley, The Pied Piper) but he went on to a career as […]

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It’s hard to believe Steve Allen’s “kid singer” is 80 years old today. Steve Lawrence was one of those performers who seemed perennially young. His voice ALWAYS sounded fabulous and he always seemed to be sincerely happy in his work. And not only was Lawrence a great singer but he was a very gifted comedian. […]

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I am sorry to hear of the passing of Anne Meara. Not only were she and her husband Jerry Stiller a part of my TV childhood but she, as a single, was a damn good actress.¬† We say it all the time but it’s tough to say goodbye to these people who were a part […]

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I believe that I have stated on this site before that unlike millions in America, I never really loved Lucy. Personally, I always thought that Carol Burnett (someone who DOES love Lucy) was far funnier. But that makes no difference right now. There is one particular “I Love Lucy” episode for which I have a […]

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I am an unabashed Carol Burnett fan. A week or two ago, I wrote on this very site how lucky I felt to be able to grow up watching “The Carol Burnett Show” every Saturday Night at 10 o’clock. A few days ago, I picked up Ms. Burnett’s book This Time Together and started reading […]

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The clip you are about to see is a five star winner. It literally doesn’t get any better than this. We can find some that are just as wonderful but you won’t find anything better. I love this clip not only because of the great Irving Berlin music it salutes but because of the personnel […]

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I never quite know how or why I end up watching certain things on YouTube. Yesterday, I ended up watching quite a few of the old Kennedy Center Honors. Here’s two of the honorees from two separate years who both introduce each other’s background segments because of their long friendship and sincere admiration for one […]

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There are (or were), of course, many other very funny women in show biz besides Carol Burnett. Most of them, however, came onto the scene in the sixties and afterwards because, quite honestly, comedy in clubs during the 1920’s – 1950’s, was more open to men than it was to women. It seems as though […]

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