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At some point in January I decided to keep track of all the movies I watch in 2018. Please read that sentence carefully: “the movies I watch” is the key phrase. As a rule, I rarely “go out to see” a movie in theaters anymore because I don’t care too much about new movies. I’ll […]

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Facebook just reminded me that today would have been Billy Wilder’s birthday. Billy Wilder was a wonderful screenwriter who turned into one of the greatest and most important film director’s in all of history. Back in the 1980s when I was still in my teens and twenties, I desperately wanted to be seen as more […]

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I’ve been writing about my favorite funny men and thus far have not mentioned a single woman. When we think of great funny woman in America, everyone always thinks about Lucille Ball. Everyone loves Lucy. Everyone, that is, except me. Oh, Lucy was funny enough but to me she was always a one-trick pony. She […]

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I’ve been a movie buff since the early 1970s. My first “favorite” director, once I had some inkling of what that title meant, was Frank Capra. He made inspirational films, films with humor and with hope. Most of all, Capra was simply a great storyteller. But then I grew up. I still appreciated the films […]

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My sons and I watched “Elf” the other night on DVD. This is one of their favorites. I’m sure part of the appeal is that it was made in their lifetimes. In my house, we tend to watch a lot of classics – like 90%. So it’s a treat for them to watch something from […]

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Words like “classic” and “genius” are often overused. I get frustrated when I listen to sports commentators talk about a current player in superlatives that would make Hercules blush. That said, there’s a reason that words like “classic” are created and one of the best reasons is a film called To Be or Not To […]

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