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Since we celebrated the centennial of Billie Holiday this week, it’s only fitting that we feature Lady Day in our Musical Friday posting. Here’s a fascinating clip that tells a little of Billie’s sad story. The narrator is the wonderful Bobby Troup who was quite an accomplished jazz cat himself having written the standard “Route […]

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I’ve written a couple of posts this year mentioning that December 12, 2015 will mark Frank Sinatra’s Centennial but today, April 7th, marks the centennial of one of Frank’s most important influences – Billie Holiday. I know very little about Billie Holiday. I have no insights. For years I never even cared for her music […]

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Just like manna from heaven came “Pennies from Heaven” on TCM this morning in celebration of Bing Crosby’s birthday. I’m a big Bing fan and have seen about 44 of the roughly 60 theatrical features that Bing made. Prior to today, I had never seen “Pennies from Heaven.” “Pennies from Heaven” is an important film […]

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Hey! Did I mention I host a radio show? Well, I don’t really . . . I actually host TWO radio shows, back-to-back. The shows run on Jazz 90.1 FM in Rochester, New York every Sunday from Noon until 3:30 p.m., Eastern time. You can listen in live via the magical internet. Just click onto […]

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