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I woke up this morning with the theme from the old TV show “Alice” running through my brain? I have no idea why this is but when you’re a classic TV/movie addict like I am, this just happens sometimes.

You just saw (one of) the YouTube videos of the Alice theme song. However, when I wanted to hear it, I just went to my iTunes and played it because, of course, I have the theme songs to 100 or more old TV shows in my personal iTunes library. I mean, doesn’t everybody?

Anyway, when I looked up “Alice” on my iTunes, it lead me to Alice Faye which lead me to this YouTube video which is one of my favorites. Oh, how I would have loved to tip a few with good ol’ Phil Harris!

I love these old variety show medleys. Great arrangements, great talent, great songs. This being from “The Hollywood Palace,” the arrangement was probably done by either Mitch Ayres or Nick Perito.

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