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Just putting together a “Sinatra & Company” program and I came across this Dean Martin recording from the 1950s. My information says it was written by M. Rotha and Fritz Rotter which tells me absolutely nothing since I’ve never heard of either of those people. It’s kind of a typical, corny song of the early to mid-1950s but for some reason I like it.

Here’s another recording of the same song by Jaye P. Morgan. Most people nowadays probably remember Jaye P. Morgan from her many appearances on “The Gong Show” or perhaps her one appearance on “The Odd Couple” with Jack Klugman and Tony Randall. However, she was indeed a pretty popular singer for a while back in the 1950s.

Finally, here’s an actual performance of said song performed by Peggy King who was another popular singer for a few minutes back in the 1950s. She’s actually quite good.

For those wondering, “Sinatra & Company” is one of two radio shows that I host every Sunday on Jazz 90.1 FM WGMC in Rochester, New York. Live streaming can be heard via our website HERE. I’m on Sundays from 12:00 noon until 3:00 p.m. with “The Sunday Music Festa” followed by “Sinatra & Company.” Both shows feature music of the Great American Songbook performed by legends like Sinatra, Crosby, Ella, Dino, Sammy, Pops and Rosie to name but a few.

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