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Still mourning the passing of Eydie Gorme.

One of the articles I read today mentions how she was considered for the Streisand role in “Funny Girl” but it was thought that she didn’t have the acting chops to compete at the time. I think she could have easily pulled it off. You can’t be as gifted an interpreter of the songs she sang without having dramatic talent. Her sketch work on TV proves she could pull off comedy as well, which, we all know, is much harder to pull off than drama. This was a supremely talented lady.

I was happy to see Ms. Gorme saluted on one of my favorite blogs written by Ken Levine. His perspective was similar, while at the same time, completely different from my own. His piece also appeared on The Huffington Post. Go read it here –> Ken Levine.

All the obits are leading with her fame as the singer of “Blame It On the Bossa Nova.” I find this funny because when I think of Eydie Gorme that is NOT the first thing I think of. For whatever reason, I think of her more for these first two songs more than I do for the Bossa Nova.

Here’s Eydie belting out one of the great songs of the 1970s.

Just a phenomenal talent.