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Dinah Shore was a favorite of my mom. She was, no doubt, a favorite of more than a few dads in America as well. I know some were a little turned off by her sugary sweetness but, the truth is, that’s who she was! I’ve known two people who worked with Dinah Shore and knew her a little off screen as well and both have assured me she was the nicest, most sincere person you could possibly imagine. That makes me happy because, through the years, she’s become of favorite of mine too!

I’ve taken a special pride over the last 16 years of playing music on my radio shows by artists such as Dinah Shore, Doris Day and Julius La Rosa (to name a few) because they aren’t given the credit that they deserve as musical artists. “Out of sight, out of mind” is the old saying and once a performer is not a regular on the big or small screen anymore, they tend to quickly be forgotten. In fact, there are many Baby Boomers who don’t even remember Dinah Shore as a vocalist but instead remember her as a cook on her daytime TV show or as the first Hollywood female star to not just promote golf, but women’s golf!! She did all of these things, of course, but first and foremost, she was a fine singer.

Dinah worked with Bing and Frank numerous times on radio during the 1940s and her chemistry with the two greatest crooners of the century didn’t end there as you can tell from their TV duets. You know Dinah was special because she was able to make her Southern charm work with such a diversity of performers and personalities as demonstrated by the clips above. There is more of Dinah’s work to be found online with people like Bobby Darin, Mahalia Jackson, Patti Page and Pearl Bailey.

After today’s trip down memory lane, I will definitely have to feature Dinah’s music on next Sunday’s Music Festa on Jazz 90.1 FM at 12:00 noon.

As a Sinatra fan and expert, I’ve always felt that Frank and Dinah shared a deep and sincere devotion to one another. It’s not that show-biz type of phony affection but honest love and affection. That said, we’ll end with another clip of Sweet Southern Dinah and Tough Urban Frank.

Happy 100th to Frances Rose Shore!!!










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