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Monthly Archives: August 2016

There have been dozens of written tributes to Gene Wilder since his passing this past Monday. By all accounts, he was a wonderful, kind, sensitive man. I didn’t know the man but his friends and associates seem united in their appreciation. What I do know is his talent was special. Gene Wilder had an unusual […]

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This has been an awful year for character actors. Since February, we’ve lost George Kennedy, Doris Roberts, William Schallert, Ann Morgan Guilbert, David Huddleston, Jack Riley, and now, Marvin Kaplan. And that’s just a partial list!! It’s no secret that I love the character actors and actresses that have filled the big and small screens […]

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We learned last week of the passing of another truly great character actor, Jack Riley. He was most famous to my generation as Elliot Carlin on The Bob Newhart Show which ran on CBS from 1972 – 1978. It was one of the quirkier, and most hilarious, characterizations on network TV during the 1970s and that’s […]

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Today marks the 90th birthday of the quintessential lounge singer Armando “Buddy” Greco. Greco is one of those guys who I knew very little about when I began my radio show 16 years ago. Originally, my show was “a celebration of the Italian American influence on the Great American Songbook.” Which basically means I was […]

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Just as we learned of the passing of the great character actor, David Huddleston, my friend Dr. Tim also discovered that another great character actor, John McMartin, passed away last month on July 6, 2016. You may not immediately know their names but if you watched any film or television in the last 50 years, […]

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In keeping with our celebration of Tony Bennett’s 90th birthday this week, I thought we’d kick off the weekend with Tony and some friends singing and swinging!! Here’s a great clip from a Dean Martin Show in the 1960s.   I have no idea who this young guy is introducing Tony Bennett and Billy Joel. Hah! Here’s one […]

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Today we wish a very Happy 90th Birthday to Tony Bennett. He has achieved the impossible. In a society that increasingly worships youth, inexperience and banality, Tony Bennett continues to stem the tide and collect new fans, accolades and honors for his continued good taste and artistry. Tony Bennett was born Anthony Benedetto in Astoria, […]

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I was in the mood for a good, hard-boiled, 1970s detective story Friday night. I considered heading to the basement to dig out my “Rockford Files” DVDs but instead went perusing my DVR list and found Paul Newman’s 1975 return as private detective Lew Harper in “The Drowning Pool.” Newman’s work as Lew Harper has […]

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