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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Just found this fascinating clip of Doris Day on The Mike Douglas Show from 1975-76? Doris Day was not one for doing too many talk shows so this was something of a rarity for her. You’ll see the reason she’s on was to promote her autobiography written with A. E. Hotchner. One of my favorite […]

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One William James Basie was born on this day in Red Bank, New Jersey, in the year 1904. He would go on to become one of the greatest, most influential and swinging-ist cats in the history of American Jazz and Swing music. As a young boy (six or seven years of age), I inherited a […]

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Roberto Clemente was my first, and greatest, baseball hero. I idolized him as a kid as I still do today. He was “the Great One” in more ways than one. I wanted to play right field because Roberto Clemente played right field. I had no idea in my first year of Little League that right […]

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I happened upon this clip the other day and wanted to make sure I posted it. Three absolute greats of the Swing Era – Gene Krupa (b. 1909), Buddy Rich (b. 1917) and Sammy Davis Jr. (b. 1925). You’ll note that they were eight years apart in birth in succession but the fact remains that […]

Not surprisingly, last night’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart finale was tremendous. Combining all the same wonderful elements the show had delivered to audiences for close to 17 years, Stewart’s farewell was well-crafted, enlightening, moving and funny. As I stated yesterday, he will be irreplaceable. The program began with a prolonged 20 minute parade of […]

You know, within the last year I’ve had to see three TV hosts to whom I had a strong loyalty, walk away from their respective jobs: Stephen Colbert, Craig Ferguson, David Letterman. Now, I have to go through it all again with Jon Stewart. However, Stewart is a little different for me than the rest. […]

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