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Monthly Archives: May 2015

I recently bought a bunch of the old Johnny Carson Tonight Shows on DVD. I love the complete shows. For whatever reason, DVD set producers usually tend to think that today’s viewer will be bored by “dated” guests or monologues about news events that are no longer relevant or names that are no longer recognizable. […]

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I am sorry to hear of the passing of Anne Meara. Not only were she and her husband Jerry Stiller a part of my TV childhood but she, as a single, was a damn good actress.  We say it all the time but it’s tough to say goodbye to these people who were a part […]

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The songs that I’ve been waiting to hear. As soon as TV viewers heard those familiar lyrics every week and they saw the stool and the music stand, they knew they were about to be serenaded by one of the smoothest baritones this side of heaven, Perry Como. For today’s Musical Friday post, I thought […]

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One of my, and Dave’s, favorite guests on “Late Night with David Letterman” and “The Late Show with David Letterman” through the years has been stand up comedian extraordinaire, Tom Dreesen. Go HERE to read Mr. Dreesen’s feelings about his friend’s retirement and a little more insight into the real David Letterman.

Well, the deed is done. Dave is gone. But the situation may be more serious than just losing Dave. I watched David Letterman’s final “Late Show” last night with at least 12 million other people and like Dave, I got emotional but never cracked. It’s almost too sad and scary to just shed tears over. […]

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We showed and discussed Norm Macdonald’s emotional farewell to David Letterman last Friday night in a post yesterday but here’s a clip from Norm’s second-to-last appearance with Dave where he makes an important announcement and/or observation. Norm hit it right on the mark for me when he told Dave, “You are my Johnny Carson . […]

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As is so often the case, I have absolutely no idea why I sat down at the computer or what I was looking for on You Tube but by a sublimely divine accident, I somehow came upon this clip with Dinah, Bing, Phil Harris and Pat Boone. I’ve never seen this before unless I saw […]

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I’m having trouble thinking of anything other than David Letterman’s departure from Late Night TV which is now less than 48 hours away. The last couple of weeks, the powerful and the popular, have all been coming through the doors of the Ed Sullivan to sing his praises despite everyone making mention of how much […]

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There was no Musical Friday post yesterday because I was away from my computer all day long so . . . we’ll put up some music now. You can think of it as Musical Saturday if that makes you feel better. As I went through my e-mail this morning, I saw the announcement about B. […]

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