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Monthly Archives: March 2015

As I’ve professed before on this forum, “CBS News Sunday Morning” is one of my favorite shows on television. It is the only news magazine format program I watch because it’s not only entertaining and edifying but it tells positive, feel good stories instead of the horrible stories that fill most news and news magazine […]

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Okay, “Musical Friday” is never going to get much better than this. I have a love for Frank Sinatra and Count Basie both as separate artists. However, together as a team, my devotion to them makes me want to leap over the moon. I was trying to stockpile some “Sinatra & Company” shows this week […]

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If you think the above are names of two classic hotels in New York City, you’d be right. However, if you recognize the names as the two old gents who sat in the upper box and heckled the acts every week on “The Muppet Show” you’re obviously a connoisseur of great comedy. Well, maybe not […]

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When I was a kid there was a show on TV called “The Kopycats.” This show was pretty exciting to me as it featured a bunch of show biz’s top impressionists every week. The show was on the air over 40 years ago so I can no longer remember whether “The Kopycats” fueled my interest […]

The other night my daughter and I sat down to watch Disney’s animated feature film version of that oft-told tale “Robin Hood.” I always thought the film had come out in 1975 because I seemed to remember it was the last Disney film my dad and I saw together at the theater and he died […]

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Our friend Dr. Tim, who is a devoted follower, reader and patron of The Otto Files, wrote me last night to say that I’d forgotten an extremely important “Joey” in our St Joseph’s Day salute – the one and only Joey Heatherton. To rectify that oversight, I thought I’d present some Joey Heatherton for our […]

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For St. Patrick’s Day, I posted a series of entertaining “Pats” and finished with some Irish themed music. We shall do the same today for St. Joseph and my paesani. As baseball season is less than three weeks away and the following gentleman was one of the most important “Joes” in the history of the […]

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Tuesday we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, a day I always resented in my younger days because people (and Catholics) made a big deal of the holiday while ignoring St. Joseph’s Day which came just two days later. This annual turn of events always bothered me because many of the St. Patrick Day celebrants seemed to […]

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In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, let’s start the proceedings off with some memorable “Pats.” Here’s a favorite of the Italians of the 1960s and 1970s, Pat Cooper. I always wanted to like Pat Cooper because so many others seemed to enjoy him so much but his humor just never did it for me. Even […]

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This week’s musical Friday selection is a day late. I apologize for that but I had a funeral yesterday and I never got the chance to post anything in time for “musical Friday.” An an extra-special treat, I’m putting up a video today of a fabulous jazz singer named Beverly Kenney. Kenney was quite a […]