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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Leonard Nimoy, better known to millions of Star Trek fans as the ultra-logical Mr. Spock, has died at the age of 83. I was in no way a “Star Trek” fan growing up. I don’t think I ever watched an entire episode of the show until I was in my twenties. Regardless, there’s no denying […]

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Going to get this in just under the wire. This week’s musical Friday belongs to Johnny Cash who would have been 83 years old yesterday. I was never a huge Johnny Cash fan as a kid but he’s grown on me over the years. My mother-in-law and wife have always loved Johnny’s music and they […]

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There are great TV shows and then there are GREAT TV shows. “Parks & Recreation,” which finished up its seven year series run last night on NBC, was one of the best. It will be SORELY missed. I was actually not a fan of “Parks & Rec” from the outset. I watched a few episodes […]

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The great jazz trumpeter and flugelhorn player Clark Terry died this past Saturday, February 21, 2015. I featured a couple of his recordings on my show this past Sunday. I was fortunate to see Clark Terry perform once at the Eastman Theater in Rochester, New York. It was in his later years and he had […]

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As Virgil Solozzo might have said, Abe Vigoda is STILL ALIVE! Happy Birthday Fish!! You are remembered with great fondness and affection from all of us who love/loved all the members of the ol’ 1-2.

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I could have featured Nat King Cole last week for Musical Friday but went with the Crosby golf theme instead. Nevertheless, I want to get a tribute in for NKC before the month of February is out. It was 50 years ago this month, February 15, 1965, that Nat King Cole died at the age […]

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Pitchers and Catchers report today, or at least they begin reporting today for five Major League teams, one of those being the Pittsburgh Pirates, so that’s all that really matters. After three weeks of temperatures and wind chills routinely below zero and snowfalls routinely above 12-24 inches here in the Northeast, this is indeed welcome […]

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Time to swing, Dixieland style! Today is the day that Mardi Gras hits its peak before the long fast begins. I don’t have any beads to throw at you and trust me, you don’t want me lifting my shirt, so I thought som great music from the Daddy of them all, Louis Armstrong would be […]

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Well, the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Show was hyped beyond compare. This, of course, is always a mistake because how can anything or anyone live up to that kind of hype? This show¬† did not. There were certainly some funny bits and a few touching spots (actually far fewer than there could have or […]

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Some people are under the impression that today is Valentine’s Day. Well, I guess so if you’re the mundane, boring type who follows the crowd. However, if you’re a true aficionado of popular culture, you know that today has a much deeper and more important meaning: on this day in 1894 one Benjamin Kubelsky was […]

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