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Monthly Archives: January 2015

I had intended on posting a musical number here today to get the weekend off to a nice start. However, when you think “weekend,” particularly Super Bowl Weekend (oops, am I allowed to say that?) you think fun, festive, party music, right? Well, think again. Word comes this morning that Rod McKuen has died in […]

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I believe that I have stated on this site before that unlike millions in America, I never really loved Lucy. Personally, I always thought that Carol Burnett (someone who DOES love Lucy) was far funnier. But that makes no difference right now. There is one particular “I Love Lucy” episode for which I have a […]

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I was just reading Ken Levine’s blog and he had written a post about a recent trip he was forced to make to the DMV, as in Department of Motor Vehicles. At the end of the story, he posted this hilarious clip from the old sitcom “Taxi” (1978-1983). As I watched it, I thought to […]

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I just happened upon a neat little film on TCM with Edward Arnold, Ann Harding and Donna Reed called “Eyes in the Night.” It’s a murder/espionage film from 1942 with all the right elements a good 1940s murder mystery should have: great actors (Edward Arnold, Ann Harding, Stanley Ridges), beautiful women (Donna Reed), a plot […]

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This weekend marked two milestones in Major League Baseball: one joyful, one very sad. On the joyful side of the ledger was the official end to one of the worst periods of baseball history – the “commissionership” of Bud Selig. I put it in quotes because, of course, Selig was never a legitimate commissioner no […]

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I just watched a movie on You Tube called “Poor Devil” from 1973 starring Sammy Davis Jr. and Jack Klugman. It was actually a made-for-TV movie which apparently was supposed to be a potential pilot for a TV series. Needless to say, it was never developed into a series. You can watch the movie for […]

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Every year at this time for the past three years in a row, I’ve read the book “All My Best Friends” which was written by George Burns and published in 1989. I do this because it’s a book that I find very funny and even comforting in a way. I feel it’s a good way […]

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I have been fascinated by the legend of Joe. E. Lewis since I was about 11 or 12 years old. My awareness of the fact that there had even been a person named Joe E. Lewis goes back to my first Frank Sinatra album, “Sinatra at the Sands.” The album comes from a live recording […]

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I was deeply saddened this evening to learn of the passing of Mario Cuomo. The former New York State Governor was not only one of the very few politicians of my lifetime that I truly admired but he was also, in my opinion, one of the last two (the other being the late Sen. Ted […]

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