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Monthly Archives: May 2014

I watched the One Night Only – An All Star Comedy Tribute to Don Rickles special on Spike TV last night and it was enjoyable not only because I worship the honoree of the evening but because I actually either enjoy, or at the very least find interesting, most of the performers who appeared to […]

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I am an unabashed Carol Burnett fan. A week or two ago, I wrote on this very site how lucky I felt to be able to grow up watching “The Carol Burnett Show” every Saturday Night at 10 o’clock. A few days ago, I picked up Ms. Burnett’s book This Time Together and started reading […]

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Here’s Buddy Greco and his pal, Sammy Davis Jr. epitomizing that swinging 1960s Las Vegas lounge style singing of a song. I’m going to play some Buddy Greco on my radio show today and so I went to YouTube to see if there were any good clips of him and lo and behold, I find […]

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Usually if I miss someone’s birthday by a day or two, that’s it. I let it pass as a missed opportunity. But Don Rickles isn’t just “someone.” I have loved Rickles since I was 10 or 11 years old. He’s been called “an insult comic” but it doesn’t really do him justice. Like the great […]

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The clip you are about to see is a five star winner. It literally doesn’t get any better than this. We can find some that are just as wonderful but you won’t find anything better. I love this clip not only because of the great Irving Berlin music it salutes but because of the personnel […]

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I had another clip I wanted to post today but I just read that it’s Orson Welles birthday so we’ll delay the other post until tomorrow. I grew up watching Orson Welles on TV as a guest of variety shows like Dean Martin’s or, more often then not, on talk shows like Merv Griffin’s. His […]

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For years and years, we have heard my mom and her brothers quote part of an old Italian adage that says, “La vechiaia brutta” (sp.?) which roughly translated means “old age is an ugly thing.” As my mother approaches her 92nd birthday, these words have come back to haunt us all as she has struggled […]

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Just like manna from heaven came “Pennies from Heaven” on TCM this morning in celebration of Bing Crosby’s birthday. I’m a big Bing fan and have seen about 44 of the roughly 60 theatrical features that Bing made. Prior to today, I had never seen “Pennies from Heaven.” “Pennies from Heaven” is an important film […]

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