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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Working on my radio show this afternoon I chose to include a Columbia recording of Frank Sinatra’s entitled “There But For You Go I.” I’ve always loved the song and Sinatra’s recording but didn’t know its origins. I was a little surprised to find out that it came from “Brigadoon.” The reason for my surprise […]

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Here’s Keith Olberman with his commentary on David Letterman’s recent announcement. By the way, the episode of “The Late Show” he mentions at the end of the piece? The night John McCain dropped out and essentially lied to Letterman about it? I was watching that show and it was vintage Dave, – very, very funny.

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David Letterman announced on his show Thursday night that he would be “retiring” and stepping down as host of “The Late Show” sometime in 2015. For me, it comes as sad news for two reasons. First of all, Dave was the last Late Night host I tuned in with any regularity. Has he been the […]

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