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Monthly Archives: February 2014

I watched most of Jimmy Fallon’s first “Tonight Show” last night. Here’s what I thought was the best bit of the evening: I thought that was cute and a good way to get a bunch of celebrity cameos onto the first show although I literally don’t care or really dislike exactly half of the 14 […]

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Still reeling from the loss of the great Caesar. Of course, just as I figured, his passing was but briefly noted as he had outlived his recognition among the masses. I continue to watch many of the old clips and enjoy them as though it was the first time I’ve seen them . . . […]

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It is a sad day in the world of comedy and laughter. Sid Caesar is dead at the age of 91. Thanks to film and videotape, he will, in a sense, live forever,  but it doesn’t ease the sadness today as we must say goodbye to truly one of the funniest human beings in all […]


I devoted a major portion of my radio program to the Beatles yesterday and the 50th anniversary of their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. My show, as a rule, is devoted to the standards of the 1920s – 1960s but I will occasionally throw in tunes from special artists like the Beatles, Sam […]

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