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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Many critics and fans cite either “Duck Soup” or “A Night at the Opera” as their favorite Marx Brothers films. While I think both of those are wonderful movies, I think my two favorites would have to be “Animal Crackers” and “Horse Feathers.” Here’s Groucho with one of my favorite songs from a Marx Brothers […]

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Among the many positive things to be said for Bobby Darin, is that he always had great respect for his show biz elders.

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Here’s one of the greatest Christmas specials ever made. That’s right, I know what I just wrote. One of the best Christmas specials ever produced!!! It comes, apparently, from 1987 – it’s so good I would have thought it was done a little earlier than that but the one thing that the 1987 date does […]

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One of my favorite Christmas movies is “Christmas In Connecticut.” The reasons have to do primarily with the cast that includes Barbara Stanwyck, Sidney Greenstreet and S. Z. “Cuddles” Sakall. The romantic lead is played by Dennis Morgan who’s pleasant but never reason enough alone to watch any picture. To give a brief synopsis: Morgan […]

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Tomorrow is my annual Sunday Music Festa Christmas Show on Jazz 90.1 WGMC Radio. At least, I hope there’ll be a Christmas show tomorrow. The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for our area which usually wouldn’t scare me except this winter storm isn’t calling for snow, it’s calling for ice. That […]

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Today on TCM they’re showing a bunch of Irene Dunne movies in honor of the late star’s birthday. I’m not sure when I first discovered the underappreciated actress but I sure am glad I did. When we think of the female stars of the 1930s and 1940s, we tend to think of names like Bette […]

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Every good little Italian American boy and girl who grew up in the 1960s or 1970s remembers watching Perry Como with his/her mother or grandmother at Christmastime. Como’s career on television was actually quite remarkable as he began in 1948 with 15 minute programs for Chesterfield cigarettes and continued with a similar format until 1955 […]

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Some remember William Demarest as Uncle Charley on the TV show “My Three Sons.” That’s OK – that’s how I first met him myself but if that’s the only way you know him, you’re doing yourself and especially Demarest a great disservice. It is not his best work. Between 1940 – 1944, he made no […]

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Tis the season for watching old Christmas movies, listening to old Christmas music and watching old TV Christmas specials. You’ll notice the emphasis on “old” in all those categories. For me, personally, that’s not an unusual activity; I watch old movies and TV shows all year long. As far as music goes, Sam Cooke is […]

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