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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Question of the day, how many “stand up philosophers” have YOU known in your lifetime? Whatever the number, I’ll bet few were as funny as Comicus.

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There are a number of other pre-1970 funny women that I don’t have time to write about right now; people like Totie Fields, Moms Mabley and Judy Holiday. The 1970s, however, ushered in a tidal wave of women in comedy – Gilda Radner, Madeline Kahn, Andrea Martin, Catherine O’Hara, Bonnie Hunt, Tracey Ullman and many […]


  I’m thankful for many things this Thanksgiving Day but in light of what we’ve been discussing on this site for the past couple of weeks, I will mention just one – my sense of humor. I think we’ve probably all known people who seem to be devoid of humor, frivolity and/or silliness. I’m thankful […]

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There are (or were), of course, many other very funny women in show biz besides Carol Burnett. Most of them, however, came onto the scene in the sixties and afterwards because, quite honestly, comedy in clubs during the 1920’s – 1950’s, was more open to men than it was to women. It seems as though […]

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I’ve been writing about my favorite funny men and thus far have not mentioned a single woman. When we think of great funny woman in America, everyone always thinks about Lucille Ball. Everyone loves Lucy. Everyone, that is, except me. Oh, Lucy was funny enough but to me she was always a one-trick pony. She […]

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I needed to post something every day and didn’t make it today until right now which, here in America, is 10:45 p.m. However, I believe this blog site is run somewhere in Europe so the date will probably show as November 24th but I’m going by our time, not theirs. Anyway, don’t really have time […]

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I’ve been writing all week about some of my all-time favorite comedians and will resume that practice tomorrow but today everyone is thinking about one thing – the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The four blogs that I read with any regularity have all written some version or another of […]

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I thought I’d list some (just some, mind you) of my favorite stand up comedians over the years. Stand up comedy is a very distinctive branch of the comedy tree. Many a fool has watched a stand up comedian and thought, “Damn, I could do that.” If you’re sitting in the audience thinking, “I could […]

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DON RICKLES is one of those who’s comedic talents are either taken in fun as is his intention or are completely misunderstood. He does not engender indifference. When it comes to Rickles, people tend to love him or hate him. I love him. Always have, always will. Rickles ridiculed everyone in his act, including himself. […]

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I have no idea why I’m still up and at the computer at 1:24 a.m. but I just watched this clip and felt it was such a perfect example of why America loved Jack Benny that I just had to post it. This comes from Jack’s 20th Anniversary Special in 1970 (20 years on TV). […]

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