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Today is the 90th birthday of comedy giant, Mel Brooks. I must admit that Mr. Brooks deserves credit for a certain portion of my humor. Brooks is a perfect example of humor as a tool to rage against the system. I honestly don’t remember the first time I saw Brooks’ 1973 movie classic, Blazing Saddles. The […]

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It’s really getting tough to watch “The Late Show with David Letterman” if you’re a long-time fan of the program as I am. I’m starting to get the feeling of dread that I had in May of 1992 when Johnny Carson retired from “The Tonight Show.” It’s not quite as bad because I have more […]

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I’m still waiting for the parade of heavy hitters to start coming in to pay their respects to David Letterman as he bids farewell to Late Night TV (as far as we know) on May 20th. There have been a few guests who’ve tried to thank Dave and he’s finally starting to accept it. I […]

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I watched Letterman last night and he had Kevin Spacey as his guest. Dave was enjoying himself because he obviously likes and respects Spacey. One of the things I’ve always loved about Letterman is that there are certain guests that come on Dave’s show that he couldn’t possibly care less about and when these people […]

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Well, the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Show was hyped beyond compare. This, of course, is always a mistake because how can anything or anyone live up to that kind of hype? This show  did not. There were certainly some funny bits and a few touching spots (actually far fewer than there could have or […]

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Our good friend Sal Viscuso is in this week’s season premiere of the hit ABC drama “Scandal.” He plays a lawyer named Clark Garrett, which I find infinitely amusing, and proof positive of what a fine actor he is. Sal is most definitely a Sal, maybe a Tony, he could even pull off a Vinnie […]

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I’ve made it clear how brilliant I think Tina Fey is and how much I love her. I have to now declare my similar love and appreciation for Amy Poehler, the Bob to Fey’s Bing? I did not originally watch “Parks and Recreation” when it first came on NBC. I occasionally tuned in but it […]

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It’s been a week since we all first heard of Robin Williams’ death by suicide. The more I think about it all, the sadder it all becomes.  I’ll have to stop watching the clips for a while. In my initial post, I wrote I had never been a huge fan of Robin Williams’ comedy and […]

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The entertainment world is still reeling from the news of Robin Williams’ suicide on Monday night. It is certainly a sad and tragic turn of events. I’m always uncomfortable at times like these because you know that the media loves such a tragedy because it gives them something juicy to report and boosts ratings. Hollywood, […]

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Well the Oscars have come and gone for another year, thank goodness. At the outset last night, I almost thought it might be a decent show. Unfortunately, if you saw the first ten minutes of the program, then you pretty much saw the highlight of the entire program. Ellen Degeneres’ opening monologue was very funny, […]

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